Graphics engine developed in OpenGL and PS4. In the development I have been in charge of implementing:

  • ECS

  • Multiple shadows

  • PCF

  • Composer (Post Process)

  • Scene graph

  • Lua scripting

  • Physics system

  • Multi threading

  • 3D obj loader

  • Framebuffer

  • PS4 base engine

  • Premake

Voxel Space

Implementation of the classic Voxel Space technique, which consists in the projection of raycast on a height map. It makes use of occlusion and level of detail. After optimization it has been implemented in assembler.


Project Manhattan

A graphical programming demo using OpenGL embedded in an architecture. The city is procedurally generated, as well as all the things it contains, using ImGui to modify things in run time.

Data structure

I have created in C and C++ a series of functional data structures that I have used in some projects like the Dungeon (I used a first version developed in C). The data structures created were, Memory Node, Vector, Circular Vector, Movable Head Vector, List, Double Linked List, Double Linked List Circular, Stack, Queue. The above mentioned structures were implemented in C using the EDK Memory Manager library and in C++ the basic ones, without the use of external libraries.

They have also been implemented using TDD to verify their behaviour and that there are no memory leaks.

Height map

Technical implementation for the visualisation of a Height Map, first developed in C++ and highly optimised and then implemented in assembler.

Sound demo

Technical demonstration using ImGui, OpenAL and px_sched for multithreading, implementing layering, crossfading and branching.

Pacman agents

Demo in which it was intended to replicate the operation of the Pacman ghosts, it was developed in SFML and ImGui.


The Dungeon

SRPG game prototype, was developed in SDL making use of libraries such as ImGui, SDL, Soloud and LiteSQL.